What’s In A Style? A Look Into Coastal Design

Coastal Interior Design

Photo by Wicker Paradise – CC BY 2.0


It’s almost summer, but it sure feels like it’s already here. The temperature is inching up and the sun is hanging out longer. This is the time of year when many people make their plans to hit the beach to enjoy the sand and ocean. But if you’re a big fan of the beach, you might decide to bring the coastal scenery into your home.


Be Bold

Take inspiration from the sea. Go with bold hues in marine-inspired colors like coral, turquoise, and navy. The ocean is full of a vast array of colors which gives you a large palette to choose from. Avoid going overboard, however. Select two or three main colors to stand out among muted, natural tones such as linen and wood.


Shape Up

Bring in fabric patterns such as stripes to give the room a more nautical feel. Select large, bold yet simple patterned pieces to stand out in a room. Complement your furniture with accent shapes of shells, starfish, and other silhouettes from the coastline. Decorating with coastal-inspired pieces can easily become overwhelming, so be selective with the ornaments you choose. Opt for pieces that are more abstract to avoid a kitschy feeling.


Keep it Natural

The best part of the beach is ultimately getting close to nature. The right hues and fitting decorations create the beachy mood, but they work best with a complementary backdrop. Natural fabrics and textures support your design features just as the sand serves as the base for coastal life. These can either host your bold patterns or anchor your look with neutral shades.


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Conch Shell on Beach


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