Home Layout Questions to Answer Before You Start Construction

Whether you’ve decided to start a whole home renovation project or plan create a new home from scratch, there are decisions to be made on how the layout of your home will look. If you’re going through the effort of constructing your ideal home, you’ll want your home layout plan to fit how you live your life in order to get the most out of your investment. You can modify existing home plan.

Kitchen in Cotswold Home


Is an open floor plan right for you?

Open floor plans are very popular these days. Reducing your wall space and opening up rooms can help ease the transition and flow from one room to another. It allows the activity in one room to be part of the activity in another, so no one is left out of the experiences in both. For you, this may be a great thing if you aim to be all-inclusive for most experiences in the home. However, if you’re one that likes to have clear boundaries for certain activities, such as cooking in the kitchen peacefully while the rest of your household goes about their business, then perhaps an open floor plan is not for you. Worlds collide with such layouts and you’ll have to consider how it will impact you.


Will any household members have special needs?

When it comes to children, pets, and elderly family members, there may be special needs required of your new home layout. You may need to turn that downstairs bonus room into a bedroom for your aging parents. Perhaps you want windows in certain places to capture the best view for your furry companions. Or maybe you need a playroom far away from your bedroom for the kids to knock around in. Everyday habits and movements will be hampered if your home doesn’t address them. And you don’t want to spend time and money on a build to find that it doesn’t fit.


Do you expect to have guests in your home?

If you have family and friends who frequently visit from out of town, you’ll want to ensure there’s an extra space for them to stay in your home. This could be a spare bedroom reserved for overnight stays or an extension off of your existing home. Whether your guests stay in your home or in a guest house, will depend on how close you want them to be during their stay and if your home can support holding an extra room open.


Do you plan to host holiday gatherings and special events?

Being a host takes a lot of effort and planning to ensure your guests have a great time. If your home is the center where everyone meets at for the holidays or birthdays, then you’ll want to make sure areas such as the kitchen and dining room can accommodate the increased crowd.

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