3 Ways a New Home Build Saves You Money


Deciding it’s time to buy a house is just the start to a big commitment. In its simplest form, purchasing property is an investment in your future. You want to get the most out of this investment by making the right choices not just for now, but for later as well.


New construction provides you with a more energy efficient home than a re-sold property. Existing homes, depending on when they were built of course, are not likely to be as energy efficient. Housing constructed in the ‘70s isn’t going to have the same energy efficient features as a newly constructed house.


You may think you’ll save some money by purchasing an older home, but a new home build can save you more in the long run. In a resale, you have to take into account a home’s age and whether the previous owner(s) put any effort into making updates. Here are five ways that investing a new home build can save you money in the future.


  1. Your home can have the latest energy efficient technology

Typically you buy a house with all of the appliances and HVAC in tact. Unless the sellers recently replaced these items with new, higher end models, you could be looking at outdated technology with a history of sucking up chunks of electricity during their use. However, in a new home build, you get to select the latest appliances and an HVAC system that will provide you physical as well as financial comfort.


  1. Proper insulation and air sealing makes the most of that new technology

You could purchase the most efficient heating and cooling equipment available, but you won’t get the best bang for your buck if your home leaks. Your equipment will have to work harder to heat or cool the home since the regulated air escapes the rooms. You can add insulation to an existing home, but it isn’t as cost effective. There are also several ways you could seal up areas where air leaks in a home, but you will have to handle them yourself or pay someone to take on the task. During construction, your contractor focuses on properly insulating and sealing your home.


  1. New pipes and wiring mean things just work… and for a long time

Indoor plumbing and electricity are amazing comforts that we take for granted, until frost or a bad storm hits. But it’s not just disasters that can take out these amenities. Time will put a home’s pipes and wiring to the test and wear them down. An older home will likely need expensive repairs or updates. However, a new construction can give you peace of mind that what’s inside your home will work for your home.


By rolling in these efficient upgrades into new construction, you’re ensuring you get the most of of them from the start. These combined pieces will save you money during the course of your homeownership and prove an asset if you put the home on the market.


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